"Spending two weeks with Axel was a great experience. I’ve done bootcamps with other coaches in the past, and Axel adds a lot of unique value. Because of the 1:1 of the Axel’s bootcamp [when agreed], I got feedback that was impossible from any other program I’ve seen. All other programs are essentially teaching theory and are dependent on self-motivation and self-assessment. In this program, Axel is constantly watching *you*, and will give you direct feedback on *your* situation — cutting months or years off of your learning curve. During my time with Axel, I pulled girls to my hotel twice from the nightclub, and once again the following weekend [and closing my first ever ONS]. Prior to the program, I hadn’t pulled from the club before."
Filip D.
Miami, USA
“I had a great experience learning from Axel. We did the equivalent of 4 full days of bootcamp. I was mainly interested in developing my night game coming into the bootcamp, but I was delighted to learn much more than I had expected. I had earlier taken a bootcamp with another coach who taught me the basic structure of game (creating attraction, building comfort, escalation for sex, etc) and had gone through infield recordings of me day gaming in extensive detail. I also spent several phone conversations learning about Axel’s club game style. These earlier experiences prepared me well for my time with Axel, because I learned most by gaming with him and then discussing the various situations afterwards. Axel is a natural and he provides a perspective that is refreshing for me, since I have spent most of my life not knowing how to interact with girls and not having much success with them sexually. On a full day of bootcamp, we would have an hour or two of discussion about various aspects of game over lunch and/or dinner, combined with several hours of daygame and an entire night of night game. We spent a lot of time in clubs and also on the streets. Axel was very generous with his time. He has a passion for game and did not mind spending an entire night (from just after midnight until 9am in the morning) gaming with me. From gaming with Axel, I noticed issues in various aspects of my game, especially with my body language. I also learned how to be directly physical with a girl, how to isolate a girl, how to toilet close a girl, how to pull girls to my home from both day game and night game, how to behave in a club, etc. Also, I learned a lot by just hanging out with him and observing the way he conducts himself. Finally, I learned about the importance of paying attention to details when it comes to closing a girl. I would not have acquired these invaluable experiences if Axel was stricter with his time commitment. During the bootcamp, I watched Axel at different stages of closing 3 girls. Axel instructed me as I pulled for the first time 3 girls for day game. We also had a night pulling two groups of girls into our place. After the bootcamp, I realize that my game jumped to another level. Quick physical escalation and pulling became a regular occurrence and my results has been skyrocketing ever since. In summary, I would highly recommend a bootcamp with Axel. There was also a session on styles at a shopping mall as well as a session taking photographs for my profile pictures. Both were useful” (here in a set with a girl in the riverside during the bootcamp)
Jack Chan
Vancouver, Canada
"I learned a lot from going out. Mainly focusing on pushing through and moving interactions forward by leading to that next step. I'm probably at an intermediate level as we discussed so much of the learning was just trying to optimize the closing potential of each interaction and moving it forward one step at a time. It started with me approaching and then you [Axel Maaw - FCK] breaking down my sets when they were over by telling me the possible outcomes and things that could have happened. I liked that you [Axel Maaw - FCK] have a realistic perspective and I also liked that you are big on closing here and now with sex. That's my style, just go in straight away for the win. The discussions that we had about the inner game and the slow gritty process of success were very helpful. The most important takeaways were the basic core foundational stuff. Non-neediness, self-amusement, indifference, and leading the interaction. The inner part of the game (self-esteem, confidence) affects everything in ways we aren't seeing ourselves like in our body language for example. It was helpful having someone point out these nuanced things that I wasn't even noticing. I am going to really focus in day game moving forward for the summer and focus on building a business too. The interaction where I almost pulled that girl with her sisters was one of the best sets I've had to learn from. I pushed myself in many ways that you [Axel Maaw - FCK] told me to, like isolating for the kiss and leading her more directly. Calibration with girls with low self-esteem and extremely high self-esteem is a big sticking point right now that can propel my game to new heights if I go out more. Thank you for that. But the inner game stuff gave me a lot of clarity, I feel extremely grounded and not scared to embarrass myself as much. It's really the foundation. It was just a sense of calm and relaxation with you [Axel Maaw - FCK]. Very grounded. We were getting food and I just felt your energy like "if I had to watch the end of the world, I would grab some popcorn and watch it with you". It's this deep calmness and security that never seems to fully ever go away being around you [Axel Maaw - FCK]."
Ben C.
Chicago, USA
ITA: "Ho avuto modo di conoscere Axel come coach e come amico e ne sono rimasto entusiasta. È davvero una persona di sani principi, carismatico e pieno di energia. Questo mi ha portato a seguire i suoi consigli e insegnamenti volentieri, è importante essere sulla stessa linea di pensiero per poter abbracciare una filosofia a pieno. Axel ha un metodo pratico e schematico oltre a essere un abilissimo seduttore. Sembra difficile attuare quello che fa e infatti lo è, tuttavia lui ha spiegato ogni singola componente per arrivarci, il resto lo dobbiamo mettere noi. Maestro di vita e di seduzione, segue gli studenti anche dopo il corso per fare il punto della situazione, perché ama il suo mestiere. Ho anche fatto un pull in day game mentre ero in sessione con lui perché stavo mettendo in pratica ciò che diceva, è anche capace di passarti l'energia giusta per la giusta azione, tuttavia quando si è da soli si deve fare i conti con se stessi e Axel per quanto bravo che sia non ti dà la pillola magica del rimorchio, se volete il cambiamento, siate il cambiamento, lui ci dà solo gli strumenti per farlo. Grazie Axel a presto." ENG: "I got to know Axel as a coach and as a friend and I was enthusiastic about it. He is truly a person of sound principles, charismatic and full of energy. This led me to follow his advice and teachings willingly, it is important to be on the same line of thought in order to fully embrace the philosophy. Axel has a practical and schematic method as well as being a very skilled seducer. It seems difficult to implement what he does and in fact it is, however he explained every single component to get there, the rest we have to put it. Master of life and seduction, he follows the students even after the course to take check the situation, because he loves his job. I also did a pull in day game while I was in session with him because I was putting into practice what he said, he is also able to pass you the right energy for the right action, however when you are alone you have to deal with yourself and Axel as good as it is it doesn't give you the magic pill, if you want to change, be the change, he only gives us the tools to do it. Thanks Axel"
Marcello Bianchi Cossu
Florence, Italy
"Hey Guys just a quick review from me and my time with Mr. MAAW, I met him and his Girlfriend at the Budapest Summit in 2019, coincidentally he ran into me late night at a "Instant" again. That evening, he helped me to close a girl who already had a guy by her side. What a night hehe. A few weeks later I met him in Warsaw and decided to take a 3 day bootcamp with him. Already in the first daygame session it turned out that this player is also an experienced motivational coach who casually restructures your mindset, which is the decisive factor for me and many others when it comes to persistent results. Nightgame until 6 am had become the standard routine in the next few days. Impressive screening and quick isolation, where one of the first things I took over quickly from this guy. Analyzing the infields and lighting exactly the sticking points helped me a lot. I was really impressed how he looks at the things. Hard to put it in words but let's say I learned how the Obstacle can become the way that really pays off. On the other Hand what this Guy gave me was an precise structure how Game should look like and how easy it is actually when you stick to the "FANS". I can imagine that for a lot of people it must be a weird feeling to take this step and ask someone for Help in this Area in Life. But for real, spending time with Axel will be an epic experience with zero regrets. For what do you work if you cant develop yourself and take long life lessons out from it? JUST DO IT All in all, I can only say that he is a multi-talent in terms of coaching and does everything to push you to the next level. I would pimp with him at any time because it is an great experience. Wingman for life️"
Mark D.
Vienna, Austria
"This guy is a master at same day lays (especially night game pull close) and have done all possible multi person combos imaginable. I did 5 full days with him and really turned around from a dancing monkey to pulling and closing girls. During our bootcamp he got laid 3 times and showed me a toilet pull at the hardest club in Lisbon. We also pulled two sets of girls home. During day game I pulled two girls home for the first time ever. Axel showed me the entire process of seduction from open to close. Ever since I have been getting better and better results."
Jonathan P.
Lisbon, Portugal.
ITA: “Conobbi Axel 2 anni fa a casa di un ragazzo russo per un suo speach sul game,al termine gli dissi dovresti fare il coach e lui mi rispose dici?il resto e' storia. Ha un ottima conoscenza della teoria,espone chiaramente ogni argomento,mentre per quanto riguarda la pratica ti carica a fare cose che da solo non faresti...onesto nel dire che con pochi giorni non succederanno miracoli ma il game necessita di un percorso medio lungo. Raccomando la frequentazione o coaching piu' a lungo possibile in modo da assimilare le sue skills” ENG: “I met Axel 2 years ago in the house of a Russian guy for his game speech, at the end I told him -you should be a coach- and he replied, -You think? - "the rest is history". He has an excellent knowledge of the theory, clearly exposes every topic, while as far as the practice is concerned he charges you with energy, to do things that you alone would not do... honest in saying that with a few days miracles will not happen but the game needs a long path in average. I recommend attending a coaching as long as possible in order to assimilate his skills” (here in a set with a girl in a Library during the bootcamp)
Mirko R.
Florence, Italy.
"I met Axel over a Facebook group and even though I saw interesting infield reports from him, I didn't know what to expect from him as a coach. He totally surprised me on how grounded and how able to lead social interactions he is. My experience was very positive. I not only got a huge live experience while doing a bootcamp with him, but also found out what my most defective points are, and now I have a clear direction on how to improve my game.
Steve N.
London, England
"We spent 4 intense days and nights together (from 16/17.00 until late at night 4/5/6.00 a.m.) talking about different topics and doing various exercises and of course also practicing. Axel is very competent and explained to me the theoretical concepts, his method and where to improve and what to do. Following his advice (and seeing how he behaves) on the 3rd night, I went very close to pull. We didn't talk only about game, at least 50% of our time together was dedicated to business. During the life coaching sessions, we analyzed different opportunities and career paths and what could fit me. Axel gave me some exercise to do and some good advice."
Alessandro T.
Milano, Italy
"I had an amazing time learning with Axel. I am at the beginning stages of learning how to romantically interact with women, and Axel helped me cut the learning curve by 80%. He thought me a lot about mindset and technical game. If you are a beginner, an intermediate or a veteran he can elevate your game to a new level. Your mind will be absolutely blown, as mine was, when you realize how much better your game will be after getting coached by Axel."
Steve K.
Chicago, USA

Each client has played full out and committed himself to do the work necessary to produce results. The FCK approach is simple but success stories like these require dedication, openness and a commitment to success.