Refund policy (read carefully):

First and foremost, ASK to Axel Maaw and the FCK company. These are delicate topics. Before to calibrate take action and then calibrate according to the outcome. Don’t suppose. 

In general, no refund will be made, nevertheless, read for the exceptions in the following sentences.

If the client (student), will pay any amount (including taxes and expenses) and then will NOT go the bootcamp for his reasons (or will NOT use the services or products for his reasons) in any case NO refund will be made. Nevertheless, after a payment is done, delicate health conditions and other important problems will be considered for a possible refund  by Axel Maaw and/or the Fun Confidence Knowledge company. Again, NO taxes and expenses under any case will be refunded if they have already been paid (e.g. transports tickets, governments taxes, agencies fees, and similar).

If Axel Maaw – FCK will avoid to go or do a bootcamp (skipping the entire bootcamp, service or product) or will not be able to do the job, by his choice, then, under considered circumstances, there will be the refund of the money already paid by the client (student) NOT including taxes and expenses (depending case by case). The remaining cash, after all the expenses and taxes are deducted, will be returned to the client (student).

Ignoring (not knowing) this refund policy, is no excuse to have a refund.

Axel Maaw & the FCK company keep the right to decide which cases are suitable for possible refunds and quantities.

Closing thought and FCK philosophy. 
Refunds, as we all know, can be delicate and tricky, but we all want to work to grow in life and be better. We want to have mutual agreements and achieve the results we really want. Troubles, buyer’s remorse or other negativity, is not the goal of the coaching, is not the goal of our company, neither your goal. We all want to achieve the best and reach happiness. As Axel Maaw and FCK, we promise we will work hard to give you the best service as possible and give you all the Fun, all the Confidence, and all the Knowledge that you can get.

Doubts or questions about refunds? Ask Axel Maaw & FCK