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Who Is Axel Maaw And Why Should I Listen To Him?

Introducing Axel Maaw from Fun Confidence Knowledge

I / We specialize in helping men feel comfortable in their skins and get the girls they want. If you desire to get girls, be confident, and have fun and be free then I / we can definitely help you. I / We special and secrets ways in the field of getting girls and the life you dream and my accomplishments include:


+Bachelor in Business Administration

+Ph.D. from School of Pickup 🙂

+Master Pickup Artist

+World traveler and experienced human

Work History:

+Started out as a bartender

+Worked in many places around the world

+Traveled and worked as a tour guide and pub crawl leader

+Restaurant manager & hotel/hostel supervisor

+Became a life & dating coach in 2018, after being with hundreds of women, and thought lots of men globally how to live life, become confident, and get girls

+Book author

Awards, Titles, and Designations:

+Became “famous” globally for my crazy adventures

+And for teaching men how to be attractive and made them lose virginity, find girlfriends, have their first one-night stand, have their first dates, their first same-day sex, day game insta-dates, first kisses, first telephone numbers, day game “pull”,

+Also teaching them how to find their passions, how to build their lives, businesses and transform them completely, and others achievements…

Other Info:

+Public Speaker and International Coach

+Author of 3 books, including:
SEÑOR! Achieve Your Greatness – How To Make Big Decisions
SEÑOR! Achieve Your Greatness – How To Exit Your Comfort Zone
SEÑOR! Achieve Your Greatness – How To Reach The Advance Game

Some Fun Facts!

+”It took me 25 years to find my true passion, and other 5 to transform it into my full-time job”

+Adrenaline seeker, a lover of extreme sports, parties, teaching others, and seduce women

+In love with learning new things like: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Guitar, Shuffle dance, Marketing, Business, Psychology, and many other things…

+Manage to overcome near bankruptcy a few times in business because of the pandemic and other trial and error businesses

+Overcame numerous business setbacks to create Fun Confidence Knowledge

+Managing to learn how to coach and build a business while graduating from college

+Overcame fear of rejections and fears in general

+Natural and Technical player, “making me a Complete Player”


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